Overhaul did not really try that much for a one hit kill

There does need to be some form of control of feral animals, and I agree with you that they do far to much damage to our ecosystem. Recently the Govt. Announced several million dollars would be made available to cut down the numbers of feral cats, they say humanely.

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Canada Goose Jackets And as we saw they didn work out against Deku who can either bust right through or dodge with his overwhelming power. Overhaul did not really try that much for a one hit kill, and why would he when that is quite risky and he very hands off.Shiggy can do any of that though, any conflict between him and Deku would be entirely different. All the things Deku overcame against Overhaul won even matter if Shiggy just gets in to a melee where Deku has to parry away Shiggy hands with martial arts. Canada Goose Jackets

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