Michael Firillas
Environmental Engineer

Technical University of Crete 2003 – 2009
Master Equivalent (5 years) Environmental Engineer
Orientation: Building Sustainability
Title of Dissertation: Small scale residential autonomy
Summary: Conversion of a conventionally constructed residential complex to a closed autonomic system. Energy is produced by renewable resources and solid waste treatment. Water consumption is reduced by waste water treatment and rainwater harvesting. In conclusion a financial optimization of the construction is presented in order to determine the constructions simple payback period.

(LEED AP) Energy Modeler Expert
Environmental Engineer
Specialty : Building Sustainability
Software Building Information Modeling (Revit Architecture)
Energy Modeling (eQuest, Ecotect, 4M KENAK)


Recent Highlights

More than 2000 Property Technical Reports, Legal Compliance and Technical Due Diligence for Cyprus Bank, Piraeus Bank , Piraeus Leasing.

Fyrillas M., Andreou E., Retrofitting a hotel, a case study. Innovation City Convention, Sustainable and Competitive Hotels Through Energy Innovation, Nice, France 2015.