Anastasios Katsaros –
Mechanical Engineer

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Studies of the city of Naples Italy “Federico Secondo” (Diploma Degree in 1992).

Project Engineer for air conditioning and central heating projects for Ntaiantas S.A. company at the city of Agrinion.
Project Engineer for the development of Food Industry projects for Parametros S.A. Athens.

1997-2000 Sales Engineer in Food Industry projects at Parametros S.A.

2000 – 2001 Technical Director of the dairy ELGAL RHGAS S.A.

2001 – today. Self-employed as Mechanical Engineer and construction Manager

2011 – today. Self-employed as Energy Inspector and Sustainability Specialist.


Recent Highlights

From 2011 to today, more than 600 Energy Inspections conducted for various types of buildings (commercial and residential).

Energy inspections for the 10 of the 28 governmental buildings sold by HRAF (Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund) in collaboration with George Gklavas

Contractor for the Municipality of Filothei – Psychiko as energy management specialist and sustainability expert for the ongoing project of energy costs reduction and the coordination of the future Implementation of ISO 50001.